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Did you know about persistent undo?

[2014-10-31] A feature I enjoy using myself is not known to many users, as I found out last weekend. Besides undo with as many levels as you like, Vim also offers storing the undo information in a file. So you can exit Vim, reboot your computer and still undo changes you made. See the help for 'undofile'. (Bram Moolenaar)

Article about installing gVim on Windows7

[2014-01-10] Pritesh Ugrankar has written an article that was published in the Open Source For You Magazine. You can read it here (PDF). Thanks to the publisher to allow us to re-publish the article. (Bram Moolenaar)

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Bram has visited the Vim charity project, read about it in his Uganda visit report.

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[2015-06-30]  vim-compile : Yet another compile plugin for vim
(v0.3.1.1) You can now define a custom builder for instance ̀build.sh with custom build execute and clean command. Such a builder will be always chosen if available, see custom builder - David Beniamine
[2015-06-30]  vim-decfile : A plugin for EvtGen decay files
(1.6) Documentation improvements - Scott Stevenson
[2015-06-30]  HyperList : Everything. Concise and precise. Outliner, organizer, brainstormer, project mgmt
(2.3.1) Added the function OpenFile() to open referenced file (mapped to 'gf') Use \"gf\" to open the file under the cursor. Graphic files are opened in \"feh\", pdf files in \"zathura\" and MS/OOO docs in \"LibreOffice\". Other filetypes are opened in VIM for editing. All this can be changed by editing the function OpenFile() in the file \"hyperlist.vim\". - Geir Isene
[2015-06-30]  confirm-quit : Ask for confirmation before quitting Vim
(1.0) Initial upload - Martin Tournoij
[2015-06-30]  complete-email : Allow completion of email addresses so you can use Vim as a basic
(1.0) Initial upload - Martin Tournoij
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