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Script Type Rating Down
quick-file ftplugin 54 127 to quickly jump to file in current or sub directory
Improved AnsiEsc syntax 3 78 Improved AnsiEsc.vim : ansi escape sequences highlighted and concealed
fireplace.vim utility 25 67 Clojure REPL support
textobj-delimited utility 2 96 The textobject plugin to do well with each delimited part of a string.
vim-gista utility 0 64 An alternative gist.vim, vim plugin which manipulate gists in Vim
unite-linephrase utility 0 43 A unite source for set phrases
YAJS: Yet Another JavaScript Syntax syntax 0 78 Yet Another JavaScript Syntax file for Vim
erlang-motions.vim ftplugin 0 45 Motions and text objects for erlang
vim-fanfou utility 0 59 Fanfou client for VIM
SwapText utility 4 76 Mappings to exchange text with the previously deleted text.
rdark-terminal2.vim color scheme 1 321 Modified rdark-terminal color scheme to enhance visibility for Dark Pastels
Fist of Vim utility 4 81 Super simple and awesome gist support for vim
autocwd.vim utility 0 80 Auto current working directory update system
Nefertiti color scheme 5 117 Dark-background Vim Color Scheme with Dynamic Brightness Control (GUI-only)
arnoldc.vim syntax 4 61 Syntax highlighting for ArnoldC language
OCamlJump ftplugin 0 58 Allow to jum between let and in keyword.
FileBeagle utility 0 58 A VINE-spired (Vim Is Not Emacs) file system explorer
SmartColumnColor utility 0 60 vim plugin for alert when we reach a defined numbers of characters in a line
Kerbal Space Program Syntax syntax 1 70 Simple syntax highlighting for Kerbal Space Program saves and .craft files.
vimf90+ ftplugin 6 124   A fortran-90+ plugin for easy editing
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