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Script Type Rating Down
vim-pandoc-bundle ftplugin 4 48 pandoc markdown support for vim + utilities
DidYouMean utility 4 40 Ask for the right file to open
Boston ftplugin 0 37 a key mapping plugin for commonly used coding shortcuts
Falmouth color scheme 1 235 Falmouth is a pastel color scheme that is easy on the eyes.
yowish color scheme 0 138 A yellowish dark colorscheme
vital-string-interpolation utility 3 29 String interpolation library for vim
Vim SQL Workbench utility 1 173 Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS
MacDict utility 0 31 Search your system dictionary from within Vim
Darcula Color Scheme color scheme 8 154 Dark color scheme that is easy on the eyes
permut.vim utility 0 45 Plugin for swapping text columns separated by arbitrary character.
vim-abaqus ftplugin 1 60 VIM filetype plugin for Abaqus
tex-syntax syntax 8 45 Vim TeX syntax file
cf5-compile.vim utility 1 43 Compile files right from vim.
grimoire.vim utility 1 27 Access Clojure Grimoire documentation from Vim
EntryComplete utility 0 35 Insert mode completion based on lines in designated files or buffers.
vim-nose utility 0 42 Plugin wrapping nosetests command to be executed inside Vim
Spacegray.vim color scheme 30 366 An elegant dark colorscheme for Vim
vim-tab utility 8 52 plugin that maintain each tab different working directory
Vim-Swoop utility 9 114 Grep and replace easily in multiple files being context aware !
vim-terraform utility 0 94 basic vim/terraform integration
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