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Script Type Rating Down
vBox utility 0 51 A simple template engine for vim
vim-macos utility 0 44 Autoload functions to help vim user work with macos
macdown.vim utility 4 107 Live preview markdown in Chrome using applescript
Snake game 9 196 Snake game in vim
VimSum utility 1 51 Simple visual mode arithmetic in Vim
vZoom utility 4 63 Quickly maximize/unmaximize the current window
vimdiffext ftplugin 4 115 An easier way to vim-diff files and directories.
vim-keeppad utility 0 46 Keep padding!
vim-signjk-motion utility 0 37 j/k motion with Hit-A-Hint
mycomment utility 1 62 quickly toggle comment without thinking
unite-gitlog utility 0 49 A unite source for git log
easygit utility 5 53 A git wrapper focus on simplily and usability
vim-NotableFt utility 0 50 Changes 'f' and 't' to only match notable characters
oldfilesearch.vim utility 0 47 search the :oldfiles list and edit one file
DuoTones Dark color scheme 7 141 DuoTone themes use only 2 hues, this leads to a more calm color scheme
Ranger.vim utility 0 56 Ranger for vim.
Citation.vim utility 0 47 Insert citations from zotero or bibtex files.
vim-love-docs syntax 4 209 Highlighting and help file for the LOVE framework
iterm-start utility 0 70 Dispatch a task for iTerm2 in MacVim, used for async command line task
vim-run utility 0 46 Run command in vim with current buffer and see the result side-by-side
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