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Srcery color scheme 1 206 Vim color scheme
radical.vim utility 0 90 Convert decimal, hex, octal, binary number representations
vim-java-ununsed-imports utility 13 78 Allows showing and removing unused imports in a java file.
fluid.vim indent 0 79 Plugin for the Fluid Template Engine (TYPO3), indenting, and syntax plugin.
Impl Switcher utility 0 92 Easily switch between impl and header files
BTN: Better tab new utility 0 85 Adds a tab new command accepting file:lin_num as a parameter
searchant.vim utility 8 270 Vim plugin for improved search highlighting
vimport utility 0 86 Allows you to easily add imports within java, groovy, grails
columnMove.vim utility 0 115 move along vertical axis, to next/previous character-blocks end/start
vim-gencode-cpp ftplugin 1 130 auto generate c++ function definition or declaration
Cheat40 utility 10 190 A cheat sheet that makes sense, inside Vim!
ember_tools.vim utility 4 98 Tools for working with ember.js projects
verilog_emacsauto.vim ftplugin 0 68 Minor update based on vimscript #1875
Closing Brackets utility 0 87 A dead-simple Vim plugin to automatically insert closing brackets
Ranger.vim ftplugin 4 65 Ranger integration in vim and neovim
tabulous ftplugin 0 162 Lightweight Vim plugin to enhance the tabline including numbered tab page labels
twig.vim syntax 0 103 Twig syntax highlighting, indentation and neocomplete snippets
vim eslint syntax 14 81 eslint
SIDECAR Assembly Syntax Highlighting Fil syntax 0 65 SIDECAR Assembly Syntax Highlighting File
easy-execute utility 0 97 Execute files easy in unix
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