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Script Type Rating Down
vim-dtsm utility 0 43 Commands for TypeScript dtsm
PAM-CRASH Syntax Highlighting syntax 6 44 Syntax Highlighting for ESI VPS (Pam-Crash)
vim-do utility 4 49 Run shell commands asynchronously and show the output in Vim when they finish
Tabstuff utility 0 74 Tabstuff is a plugin to sulplies various tabrelated stuff
snpsMan2VimSyntax syntax 1 60 Perl script to parse Synopsys man pages to create a vim syntax file
vim-stata ftplugin 10 50 Vim Plugin for Running Selected Do-File in Stata
vim-uci ftplugin 0 48 Syntax, ftdetect and ftplugin for OpenWRT's UCI format
vim-cloud-buffer utility 0 43 Save your buffers remotely
optcmd utility 0 68 plugin provides dialog for choicing command and process it by prefix option
Delphi ftplugin 1 44 Executes your python code as you write it
Buffer Hint utility 7 79 A handy buffer switcher
EasyClipRing.vim utility 0 40 Autocomplete style vim pop-up menu for your registers.
todo-vim utility 0 43 todo-vim is plugin for manage your todo notes
Nette utility 0 52 Plugin for Nette Framework; syntax, indent, snipMate snippets, ...
fountainflow.vim utility 0 39 Convert Fountain screenplay files to HTML and LibreOffice
simple_playground.vim utility 1 38 make vim be language playgrounds
vim-maildrop syntax 0 37 Syntax highlighting for Courier maildrop filters
wimproved.vim utility 54 134 Better fullscreen and more on Windows.
vim-abbrev-matcher utility 0 37 Abbreviation matcher plugin to be used with CtrlP and Unite
Never Optimal Wiki utility 1 137 a minimalistic pure vim personal wiki
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