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Script Type Rating Down
vim-snoopy utility 3 16 snoop around the script-local things
love-launch utility -1 36 Run LOVE
Vinfo utility 0 36 Read Info documentation files
codeforces.vim utility 0 33 Vim plugin for CodeForces
RedirCommands utility 0 20 plugin for redirecting command output
EnhancedDiff utility 0 65 A Vim plugin for creating better diffs (sometimes)
SpecialLocationComplete utility 0 19 Insert mode completion for special custom patterns.
WholeLineColor utility 0 33 plugin for changing background color of lines
AppendToClip utility 0 24 plugin for appending to the default register
vim-stardict utility 5 60 Looking up meaning of words inside Vim using SDCV dictionary
vim-consul utility 0 20 basic vim/consul integration
vim-fixprotocol utility 1 21 parse a FIX protocol message into xml
vim-webdevicons utility 4 28 vim web developer filetype font unicode icons for NERDTree and vim-airline
sonicpi.vim syntax 0 28 Syntax highlighting and autocomplete for Sonic Pi / Ruby files
Perfect Dark color scheme 25 233 Dark & cold color scheme inspired by gedit
glsl_es_100.vim syntax 0 30 Syntax file for GLSL ES 100
pl65.vim syntax 0 32 Syntax file for Noahsoft's PL65 for Atari 8-bit computers
delview utility 2 30 'delview' command to delete mkview/loadview files
vim-hackernews utility 17 67 Browse Hacker News in Vim
vim-conda utility 0 46 Conda environment manager
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