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Script Type Rating Down
Typer game 11 67 This is VIM typing file plugin to simulate work
autolinker utility 0 40 Automatic links for any filetype (e.g. for a markdown/latex based wiki)
vimagit utility 8 106 A new way to use git with vim.
robcolors color scheme -1 169 Color scheme by Robert Nowtniak
vim-json-line-format utility 6 97 format json line
togglenumber utility 3 61 easy toggle between different numbering modes in vim
logo syntax 0 52 horrible language, teoretical for learn programming language.
quickBuf utility 0 171 Simple and quick buffer explorer
ansible-vim syntax 4 147 Syntax highlighting Ansible's common filetypes
8ch.vim syntax 0 47 8chan markdown formatting
vim-follow-my-lead utility 4 73 Shows all your <Leader> mappings in a readable table including the descriptions
vim-sipindex ftplugin 0 74 shows index of a sipp xml file
easy-navigate.vim utility 0 55 Commonly used navigation keymaps for Vim
log4j highlighter syntax 1 52 Syntax highlighter for log4j log files
true-monochrome color scheme 5 182 This is a true black/grey/white theme for vim.
Replace operator utility 1 48 R (replace) operator
CBOT.vim syntax 0 66 CBOT fictional programming language from Vim
coco utility -1 60 Coco is a simple, lightweight vim code commenter.
proteinFasta.vim syntax 0 49 Syntax file for protein-based FASTA files
Vizardry utility 0 162 A vim plugin manager for lazy people
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