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Script Type Rating Down
mirror.vim utility 4 114 Efficient way to edit remote files on multiple environments
asynccompl utility 0 42 A simple asynchronous complete plugin
supersearch ftplugin 27 82 source view plugin
scilab.vim syntax 0 31 Scilab syntax highlighting (Linux)
vim-js-arrow-function ftplugin 0 75 changes a JavaScript anonymous function to an arrow function expression (ES2015)
flagship.vim utility 8 49 Configurable and extensible tab line and status line
vim-phpfmt utility 1 53 Automatically formats PHP code (needs PHP 5.6 installed)
Dokumentary utility 8 82 Improve what K does.
Indent Detector utility 5 62 detect indent automatically
cpp_doxygen ftplugin 0 68 Add Doxygen templates and fold Doxygen comments.
zftool.vim utility 0 33 PHP plugin for running ZFTool commands
cpp_cppcheck.vim ftplugin 0 42 Run Cppcheck on the current window.
scilab.vim syntax 4 68 Scilab syntax highlighting (Windows)
vim-tag-comment utility 4 109 property comments HTML/XML tags
ctrlsf.vim utility 0 47 an ack/ag powered global code search and view tool
vim-web2py utility 4 33 A plugin to browse web2py files
ftcompl utility 0 36 Command line completion for :set filetype
betterga utility 1 55 Yet another :ascii command
Pretty Printing C like syntax utility 4 69 Format files with C-like syntax
contextcomplete utility 0 63 Plugin which decides which type of insert completion to use based on context
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