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shot-f utility 4 36 highlights the characters where the cursor can move directly (by f,F,t,T)
directionalWindowResizer utility 1 74 Adjust window size with Ctrl +jklh
numbers.vim utility 1 50 plugin for intelligently toggling line numbers.
ab-prefix ftplugin 5 31 Conditionally expand abbreviations on a matching prefix.
RootIgnore utility 0 29 Set 'wildignore' from git repo root
VIntSearch utility 0 30 Vim Integrated Search - File search plugin using ctags and grep
ReplaceWithSameIndentRegister utility 4 28 Replace lines with the contents of a register, keeping the original indent.
miv.vim ftplugin -2 41 markdown in vim
vimdir.vim utility 8 76 Manage files and directories in vim
ShowWhiteSpace ftplugin 1 60 Display WhiteSpace
vim-xblogger ftplugin 4 33 A set of Vim-files for publishing posts to Blogger or WordPress
Sweater color scheme 16 136 Light color scheme for Vim.
verilog.vim indent 0 51 Automated indentation for Verilog and SystemVerilog
vi-clone.vim color scheme 5 82 Elvis-like syntax highlighting.
incsearch.vim utility 12 114 Improved incremental searching for Vim
Vim SELinux suite ftplugin 0 46 A collection of vim scripts to help you write SELinux policy modules.
vim-chip8 syntax 0 33 Syntax highlighting and indentation rules for Chip8 assembly.
whitespace syntax highlight syntax 17 54 whitespace syntax highlight
Dragon Curve game 1 97 Draws the Dragon Curve - purely recreational
Maven Compiler ftplugin 2 60 VIM compiler setup for Java with Maven
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