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Script Type Rating Down
vim-tag-comment utility 4 78 property comments HTML/XML tags
ctrlsf.vim utility 0 38 an ack/ag powered global code search and view tool
vim-web2py utility 4 29 A plugin to browse web2py files
ftcompl utility 0 30 Command line completion for :set filetype
betterga utility 1 37 Yet another :ascii command
Pretty Printing C like syntax utility 4 55 Format files with C-like syntax
contextcomplete utility 0 52 Plugin which decides which type of insert completion to use based on context
vim-gitignore utility 1 50 Another gitignore plugin for Vim
Vim REST Console (VRC) utility 1 104 A REST console for Vim
vim-javacomplete2 utility 9 61 Updated javacomplete plugin for vim.
Hardy ftplugin 0 42 Arduino IDE intregation for vim
Scrawl utility 1 35 Utility plugin which provides a customizable scratch buffer
vim-sandwich utility 0 34 The set of operator and textobject plugins to edit sandwiched textobjects.
PaperColor.vim color scheme 5 223 Light Vim color scheme inspired by Google's Material Design
dotenv.vim utility 0 43 Basic support for .env and Procfile
git-flow-format utility 7 98 Formats Git Flow prefixed branch names to take less space in your status line.
slashcomment.vim utility 0 57 slash comment works like eclipse.
systemrdl.vim syntax 0 74 Syntax highlighting for SystemRDL files
logsyntax.vim ftplugin 0 34 A simple (web) log file syntax highlighting Vim plugin.
liblognorm.vim syntax 1 25 Syntax definition for liblognorm rules files
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