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Script Type Rating Down
enabler utility 0 27 Load plugins/bundles as needed
vim-cursorword utility 1 55 Underlines the word under the cursor
vim-stay utility 4 53 Make Vim persist editing state without fuss
cscope_dynamic utility 1 33 quick automatic dynamic cscope updates
vim-less syntax 1 29 LESS css syntax updated to v2.3.0 - 2015
Space Ident Highlighter ftplugin -1 36 Plugin to mark vertically identation made by spaces
codekit.vim utility 0 28 CodeKit 2 support for Vim
partial utility 4 21 Easily extract partials from your code
readdir utility 4 23 A very minimal directory browser
screensaver.vim utility 7 47 Screensavers for Vim
perline-diff.vim utility 4 48 this line, that line, then diff comes up
vim-lastplace utility 7 58 Intelligently reopen files where you left off. But not for commit messages.
vim-fetch utility 0 76 Make Vim handle line and column numbers in file names with a minimum of fuss
vim-pandoc-bundle ftplugin 4 36 pandoc markdown support for vim + utilities
DidYouMean utility 4 34 Ask for the right file to open
Boston ftplugin 0 33 a key mapping plugin for commonly used coding shortcuts
Falmouth color scheme 0 185 Falmouth is a pastel color scheme that is easy on the eyes.
yowish color scheme 0 93 A yellowish dark colorscheme
vital-string-interpolation utility 3 25 String interpolation library for vim
Vim SQL Workbench utility 0 87 Provides sql access from vim to any DBMS
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