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snippetsEmu utility 2423 29683 An attempt to emulate TextMate's snippet expansion
SuperTab utility 2396 66220 Do all your insert-mode completion with Tab.
perl-support.vim utility 2311 41506 Perl IDE -- Write and run Perl-scripts using menus and hotkeys.
matchit.zip utility 2168 48418 extended % matching for HTML, LaTeX, and many other languages
pyte color scheme 2116 21006 A clean, light (nearly white) theme
JavaScript Indent indent 2007 9629 Javascript indenter (HTML indent is included)
vimspell utility 1943 30966 ispell or aspell based spell checker with fly-spelling
FuzzyFinder utility 1892 32230 buffer/file/command/tag/etc explorer with fuzzy matching
Conque Shell utility 1892 15268 Run interactive commands inside a Vim buffer
DirDiff.vim utility 1871 14009 A plugin to diff and merge two directories recursively.
fakeclip utility 1824 4302 pseudo clipboard register for non-GUI version of Vim
EnhCommentify.vim utility 1787 24889 comment lines in a program
fugitive.vim utility 1774 9464 A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
dw_colors color scheme 1772 6300 Set of black color schemes with some highlight variations
The NERD Commenter utility 1748 52175 A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes.
calendar.vim utility 1696 39424 Calendar
Align utility 1686 33651 Help folks to align text, eqns, declarations, tables, etc
tSkeleton utility 1682 9035 File Templates and Code Skeletons/Snippets
indent/python.vim indent 1647 26933 An alternative indentation script for python
Zenburn color scheme 1600 39156 Low contrast colour scheme for low light conditions
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