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Source Explorer (SrcExpl) utility 1315 16722 the Source code Explorer which works like the context window of "Source Insight"
vimwiki utility 5839 16249 Personal Wiki for Vim
foo.vim utility 174 16006 examples of Vim functions (and a few commands, etc.)
nginx.vim syntax 441 15914 initial version
tags for std c++ (STL, streams, ...) utility 287 15858 Modified libstdc++ headers for use with ctags
vividchalk.vim color scheme 277 15764 A colorscheme strangely reminiscent of Vibrant Ink for a certain OS X editor
clang complete utility 1491 15630 Use of Clang for completing C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++
CSApprox utility 1004 15383 Make gvim-only colorschemes work transparently in terminal vim
Viki/Deplate utility 912 15348 A personal wiki for Vim
python_pydoc.vim utility 528 15260 Python documentation view- and search-tool (uses pydoc)
Conque Shell utility 1892 15248 Run interactive commands inside a Vim buffer
ZoomWin utility 574 15180 Zoom in/out  of windows (toggle between one window and multi-window)
PHP-correct-Indenting indent 342 15104 A new indent script for php with many improvements never seen before
TabBar utility 606 14941 Plugin to add tab bar ( derived from miniBufExplorer).
jQuery syntax 279 14779 Syntax file for jQuery
TVO: The Vim Outliner ftplugin 2809 14736 Turn vim into a full-featured text outliner
DBGp client utility 467 14674 a remote debugger interface to the DBGp protocol (tested only with XDebug/PHP)
twilight color scheme 191 14662 A clone of Textmates twilight scheme
jellybeans.vim color scheme 401 14606 Colorful, dark color scheme
echofunc.vim utility 248 14502 Echo the function declaration in the command line for C/C++.
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