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moria color scheme 592 19616 A color scheme for GUI supposed to be highly readable
multvals.vim utility 102 19312 Array library that uses patterns as separators
Command-T utility 749 19279 Fast file navigation for VIM
netrw.vim utility 854 18710 Network oriented reading, writing, and browsing (keywords: netrw ftp scp)
matrix.vim game 884 18620 Matrix screensaver for VIM
xml.vim ftplugin 362 18497 helps editing xml (and [x]html, sgml, xslt) files
Lucius color scheme 602 18247 Light and dark color scheme for GUI and 256 color terminal.
VimClojure ftplugin 608 18028 A filetype, syntax and indent plugin for Clojure
neocomplcache utility 1138 17757 Ultimate auto completion system for Vim
DrawIt! utility 1070 17585 Ascii drawing plugin: lines, ellipses, arrows, fills, and more!
javacomplete ftplugin 630 17505 Omni Completion for JAVA
DoxygenToolkit.vim utility 443 17496 Simplify Doxygen documentation in C, C++, Python.
AutoClose utility 1029 17471 Inserts matching bracket, paren, brace or quote
xoria256.vim color scheme 382 17430 Soft pastel gamma on dark background, same appearence in {,g}vim
code_complete utility 1594 17287 function parameter complete, code snippets, and much more.
Visual Mark utility 193 17241 Visual mark, similar to UltraEdit's bookmark
midnight.vim color scheme 141 17226 Dark blue, low contrast colorscheme.
CRefVim utility 1256 17125 a C-reference manual especially designed for Vim
YankRing.vim utility 896 16971 Maintains a history of previous yanks, changes and deletes
vtreeexplorer utility 884 16970 tree based file explorer - the original
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