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Searched scripts for "Perl" Showing 41 to 60 of 206 results
Script Type Rating Down
auto-kk utility 14 311 from auto.vim
neverland.vim - All colorschemes suck color scheme 34 1128 256 colors, CLI and GUI
VimOrganizer ftplugin 169 3975 An Emacs' Org-mode clone for Vim
auto utility 226 2184 Coding automation  for c/c++/ruby/python/shell/perl/...
PyScratch utility 10 383 allows processing of Python/Ruby/Perl/Lua commands directly in Vim buffer
eregex.vim utility 44 793 Perl/Ruby style regular expression
makesd.vim utility 2 189 Generate Perl and C-style section dividers
current-func-info.vim utility 8 1314 Get current function name
mojo.vim syntax 55 1442 Mojolicious templates syntax
endline utility 4 383 Easily add filetype-specific line-endings.
quickrun.vim utility 56 1940 Run a command and show its result quickly.
obsidian color scheme 16 906 a colorscheme based on Obsidian Coast
SingleCompile utility 184 6165 Make it more convenient to compile or run a single source file.
vicom utility -3 299 Intelligent Line Commenter for the most popular programs [LINUX ONLY]
vimgdb utility 27 2689 Emacs like gdb interface to cterm vim
vimake color scheme 4 897 Vimake is a programming aid written in C++ for Linux
simplecommenter utility 8 584 simple commenter
Emmet.vim utility 1511 34967 vim plugins for HTML and CSS hi-speed coding.
PyPit utility 0 265 Python version of pitconfig.vim
perlomni.vim ftplugin 41 3756 perl omni completion  (perl-completion.vim)
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