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Searched scripts for "Perl" Showing 21 to 40 of 210 results
Script Type Rating Down
awk-support.vim utility 0 926 awk-support.vim : AWK-IDE for Vim/gVim
latex-support.vim utility 5 842 LaTeX-IDE for Vim/gVim
CoqIDE utility 14 923 Emulate Coq IDE in VIM
TagManager utility 0 474 Project aware incremental tags manager
vim-g utility 1 510 Quick Google lookup directly from Vim
Vdebug utility 103 2139 Multi-language DBGP debugger client (PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.)
VPSIONKI DATA utility 1 223 Portable Vim code to handle database as CSV file (eg. for contacts)
Briofita color scheme 27 2262 dark / heavy GUI colorscheme with select highlight options
log4perl.vim syntax 0 206 Log::Log4perl configuration syntax
gdbmgr utility 11 1462 vim interface to gdb
nosyntaxwords utility 0 289 find words that are not syntactically highlighted in current buffer
jsruntime.vim utility 19 1226 Run javascript in vim
Vim-Support utility 9 2773 Vim Script IDE for Vim/gVim
CapsulaPigmentorum.vim color scheme -2 289 mod of paintbox
ide utility 60 1773 ide for C/C++/Java with syntax coloring and tab buffer tracking
vim-ocaml-conceal syntax 1 185 ocaml.vim - vim conceal enhanvement for ocaml
utags utility 148 641 Find usage of a word (tag) in the project.
Rcode utility 3 531 Run various types of code against current buffer
WinFastFind utility 0 271 Fast replacement for vim "find" in windows
indsas utility 0 462 Indentation for SAS scripts
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