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Script Type Rating Down
AdvancedDiffOptions utility 8 73 Additional diff options and commands to manage them.
Lua Support 2 utility 8 121 Lua IDE. Insert codesnippets, run, compile, and check the code and look up help.
Licenses utility 4 162 Provides commands to add licenses at the top of the buffer
Ultimate Test Utility utility 18 160 A straightforward, fully documented unit testing utility.
perl-nextmethod utility 0 149 ]m, ]M, [m, [M next/previous perl method motions
AutoAdapt utility 5 257 Automatically adapt timestamps, copyright notices, etc.
symfind utility 13 384 find symbol or file in your project
PreserveNoEOL utility 9 322 Preserve missing EOL at the end of text files.
templateX utility 4 468 An advanced templating system
Git Support utility 7 358 Inspect the state of a repository and execute Git commands without leaving Vim.
vim-git-log utility 4 156 View your git log interactively in Vim.  Side by side diffs!
vim-forrestgump utility 9 225 Run code inline and on-the-fly in vim. Inspired by TextMate's ⌘R.
vgdb utility 27 565 visual gdb in vim
Bck utility 5 107 Enhanced searching for Vim
awk-support.vim utility 0 599 awk-support.vim : AWK-IDE for Vim/gVim
latex-support.vim utility 5 528 LaTeX-IDE for Vim/gVim
CoqIDE utility 14 602 Emulate Coq IDE in VIM
TagManager utility 0 329 Project aware incremental tags manager
vim-g utility 1 356 Quick Google lookup directly from Vim
Vdebug utility 79 1351 Multi-language DBGP debugger client (PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.)
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