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local_vimrc.vim : Load local vimrs's from $HOME to the current directory

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Luc Hermitte
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Note: this plugin is maintained on googlecode. The last version is available at: http://code.google.com/p/lh-vim/source/browse/misc/trunk/plugin/local_vimrc.vim


This plugin recursivelly sources the _vimrc_local.vim files present from $HOME to the directory of the current buffer every time we change buffer.

Example: current dir is ~/a/b/c. Files are sourced in this order:
~/_vimrc_local.vim, then ~/a/_vimrc_local.vim, ~/a/b/_vimrc_local.vim, and finally ~/a/b/c/_vimrc_local.vim

No messages issued if some of _vimrc_local.vim does not exist.
install details
0- Set g:local_vimrc in your .vimrc if you wish to use filenames other than '_vimrc_local.vim'
a- Drop this plugin into a {rtp}/plugin/ directory
b- Define _vimrc_local.vim files into your directories

   Ideally, each foo/bar/_vimrc_local.vim should be defined the same way as a ftplugin, i.e.:

:::: foo/bar/_vimrc_local.vim:::
" Global stuff that needs to be updated/override
let g:bar = 'bar'  " YES! This is a global variable!

" Local stuff that needs to be defined once for each buffer
if exists('b:foo_bar_local_vimrc') | finish | endif
let b:foo_bar_local_vimrc = 1
setlocal xxx
nnoremap <buffer> foo :call <sid>s:Foo()<cr>
let b:foo = 'foo'

" Global stuff that needs to be defined once only => functions
if exists('g:foo_bar_local_vimrc') | finish | endif
let g:foo_bar_local_vimrc = 1
function s:Foo()

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local_vimrc.vim 1.3 2003-08-06 6.0 Luc Hermitte Initial upload
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