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jsruntime.vim : Run javascript in vim

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yf liu
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This is Javascript Runtime in Vim

As you know, Vim is well integrated with python,perl etc, but no javascript, that is what this plugin does.

This plugin provide the ability to integrate your Vim with javascript, It use PyV8 as javascript interpreter. if PyV8 not supported, it use node, cscript, spiderMonkey as fallbacks.

The github-repo: https://github.com/michalliu/jsruntime.vim

Use g:loaded_jsruntime to check jsruntime plugin state  

g:loaded_jsruntime doesn't exists ----------->  jsruntime plugin doesn't installed
g:loaded_jsruntime equals to 0    ------------>  jsruntime plugin is installed but not working properly
g:loaded_jsruntime equals to 1    ------------> jsruntime plugin is working

Functions registered to current buffer by jsruntime.vim

1. b:jsruntimeEvalScript({script}, {renew_context})
    renew_context is a flag to indicate whether keep the context created by script before

    :echo b:jsruntimeEvalScript('1+2')
        // output 3
    :call b:jsruntimeEvalScript('a=1')  // we create a context
    :echo b:jsruntimeEvalScript('a;') // we eval this script in context created before
        // output 1
    :echo b:jsruntimeEvalScript('a;',1) // we eval this script in new context
        // output undefined

     living context is not guaranteed to support, use b:jsruntime_support_living_context to check whether living_context is support

2. b:jsruntimeEvalScriptInBrowserContext({html_code})

    because we only implement browser interface using PyV8, so if PyV8 is not supported, this function will not exist, check existence before use

    // vim script
    if exists('b:jsruntimeEvalScriptInBrowserContext')
        // do what you like

    for example

    :call b:jsruntimeEvalScriptInBrowserContext('<html><body onload="console.log(1+2);"><p></p></body></html>')
    //output 3

List of plugins powered by jsruntime.vim
jsflakes.vim http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=4057
sourcebeautify.vim http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=4079
install details
This plugin is a bit large because it packing with PyV8 for both windows and linux to make this plugin more easy to use https://github.com/michalliu/jsruntime.vim/issues/5

You have to combine these parts after download.

Linux users      --------------->   cat jsruntime.zip.part* > jsruntime.zip
Windows users --------------->  copy /b jsruntime.zip.part* jsruntime.zip

unzip it then put  plugin/jsruntime to $VIM\plugin

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
jsruntime.zip 6.0 2016-07-29 7.0 yf liu improve compatibility
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