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autosess : Auto save/load sessions

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Alex Efros
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Start Vim without file arguments to automatically load previous session for current directory. This make easier work with complex projects - just chdir to project directory and start `vim`.

When you quit from Vim, if there are more than one open tab/window, session will be automatically saved. This let you edit single files in same directory without breaking your saved session. (Quickfix and vimdiff's windows are ignored.)

If you quit from Vim with no open files, session will be deleted. This let you start usual empty Vim in this directory next time.

Source: https://github.com/powerman/vim-plugin-autosess
install details
Using pathogen (recommended).
a) Using source:
    $ git clone https://github.com/powerman/vim-plugin-autosess.git ~/.vim/bundle/autosess/
    $ vi
b) Using .zip archive:
    $ mkdir ~/.vim/bundle/autosess/
    $ unzip autosess.zip -d ~/.vim/bundle/autosess/
    $ vi
c) Using  .vmb vimball:
    $ mkdir ~/.vim/bundle/autosess/
    $ vi autosess.vmb
    :UseVimball ~/.vim/bundle/autosess

Plain install without pathogen.
a) Using .zip archive:
    $ unzip autosess.zip -d ~/.vim/
    $ vi
    :helptags ~/.vim/doc
b) Using .vmb vimball:
    $ vi autosess.vmb
    :so %
    :helptags ~/.vim/doc

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package script version date Vim version user release notes
autosess.vmb 1.2.0 2012-12-19 7.0 Alex Efros vimball
autosess.zip 1.2.0 2012-12-19 7.0 Alex Efros add option g:autosess_dir
autosess.vmb 1.1 2012-01-17 7.0 Alex Efros vimball
autosess.zip 1.1 2012-01-17 7.0 Alex Efros Don't restore empty useless buffers with &buftype 'quickfix' or 'nofile'.
autosess.vmb 1.0 2012-01-15 7.0 Alex Efros vimball
autosess.zip 1.0 2012-01-15 7.0 Alex Efros initial release
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