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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-08-30]  gitvimdiff : Script to show git diffs in vimdiff format
(1.7) Use sed instead of cut to strip a filename out of a line of git status output. Cut was blindly removing 15 columns before, but the git status format changed slightly. sed now simply requires that the line start with '\\tmodified:'. - Geoff Buchan
[2014-08-30]  autotype.vim : Yes, Vim will work for you.
(0.10.4) 0.10.4 : Add Comment Tags. 0.10.3 : Add `INSERT`, Add Bar/Bang support for CMDS. 0.10.2 : Add speed setup with :AtpSpd - Rykka f
[2014-08-30]  Buddy Challenge : Teases you on things you are unsure of
(2.2) same as Mac but using Alt-i instead of the MAC Cmd-i - Paul Contreras
[2014-08-29]  Vebugger : frontend for interactive shell debuggers
(1.2.0) * Allow GDB to work with Dlang executables * Add support for multiple versions of debuggers * Fix for line stops in GDB - Idan Arye
[2014-08-29]  SpellLangIdentifier : Automatically identify buffer's language and set the spell lang
(0.4.1) Mail file types were not being handled/filtered properly and a note about a known issue in console-based Vim when using on-the-fly language detection. - Douglas Augusto
[2014-08-29]  Command-T : Fast file navigation for VIM
(1.11.1) - compatibility fixes with Ruby 1.8.6 (patch from Emily Strickland) - compatibility fixes with Ruby 1.8.5 - fix 'wildignore' being ignored (bug present since 1.11) - fix current working directory being ignored when |g:CommandTTraverseSCM| is   set to "pwd" (bug present since 1.11) - performance improvements - Wincent Colaiuta
[2014-08-29]  Vim-EPUB : Plugin for EPUB ebooks' edition
(0.2) RenameFile,BackupEPUB commands. Various improvements. - Etienne Nadji
[2014-08-28]  clang_pro.vim : auto complete c/c++/java ,using gtags make a proj to find define and reference
(3.8) add key binding ",e" for error info,now only work for cpp - yong xie
[2014-08-28]  simple_highlighting : Easily highlight multiple words in all buffers and search through them
(1.1.0) Fixed issue when using commands with multiple numbers eg     :Hs 0 2 Two major improvements:    * If you highlight a word (or pattern) in a highlight slot where the word/pattern already exists. It now removes the highlight (so you don't have to clear all the highlights in the slot). If it exits in a different slot it will remove it from the old slot before putting it in the new.    * Added new command "Ha" (Highlight add) so it is much easier to add highlights that use regular expressions. See description for more information - Pev Hall
[2014-08-27]  riv.vim : Take Notes in rst.
(0.7.7) Lots of new features. See https://github.com/Rykka/riv.vim/blob/master/changelog.rst - Rykka f
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