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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2016-05-06]  felipec : FelipeC's colorscheme
(1.1) Update color format. - Felipe Contreras
[2016-05-06]  vim-grimmjow : Theme for Gvim, MacVim and Neovim
(0.0.5) Changes for the light background: - initial ruby support - better visual highlight - change ColorColumn to appear less - Adelar da Silva Queiróz
[2016-05-06]  Vim REST Console (VRC) : A REST console for Vim
(2.5.0) + Set commentstring so that lines can be commented by commenters. + Fix Content-Type to default to application/json. + Add option vrc_show_command to include cUrl command with output. -
[2016-05-05]  pgsql : The best PostgreSQL plugin for Vim!
(1.1.1) Highlight fixes. - Lifepillar
[2016-05-05]  ljyat : base on desert.
(2.0) optimized - JingYu Li
[2016-05-04]  you-debug-it : Vim plugin that helps to track your debug code
(0.2.1) * Fixed `YouDebugItClean` command in case of `commentstring=/*%s*/` * Fixed error in case `YouDebugItClean` is executed before `YouDebugItStart` - Alexander Serebryakov
[2016-05-04]  errormarker.vim : Highlights and sets error markers for lines with compile errors
(0.2.1) - only remove own signs (thanks Mike Szymaniak) - Michael Hofmann
[2016-05-03]  caw.vim : Comment plugin: Operator mappings/Dot-repeatable/300+ filetypes
(1.0) Initial upload - tyru
[2016-05-03]  earendel : Light and cheerful color scheme with friendly colors, highly readable
(2.4.4) Changed CursorColumn from gray to low saturated red. - Georg Dahn
[2016-05-02]  ensime-vim : Ensime support for Scala and Java files
(0.1) Initial upload - Chris Coffey
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