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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-09-01]  Syntastic : Automatic syntax checking
(3.5.0) Core Changes: * New option g:syntastic_sort_aggregated_errors (@lcd047) * New syntax highlight groups SyntasticStyleError and SyntasticStyleWarning (@kovidgoyal) * Lazy calls to the IsAvailable() functions (@lcd047) * New option g:syntastic_cursor_columns (@lcd047) * Various bugs have been fixed. Syntax checker changes: * Added lint checker for R (@lcd047) * Added svtools checker for R (@lcd047) * Added scan checker for Haskell (@lcd047) * Added plutil checker for OS X and iOS plists (@lcd047) * Added tslint checker for TypeScript (@swook) * Added recess checker for LESS and CSS (@pixelastic) * Added bro checker for Bro (@JustinAzoff) * Added cabal checker for Haskell Cabal files (@ianbollinger) * Added sassc checker for SASS and SCSS (@lcd047) * Removed the rustc checker for Rust, now part of the Rust compiler package (@lcd047) * Added avrgcc checker for Arduino's ino and pde files (@lcd047) * Disabled the elixir checker by default, for security reasons (lcd047)a * Added clang_check and clang_tidy checkers for C and C++ (@bbannier) * Added phplint checker for PHP (@lcd047) * A number of checker variables have been marked as deprecated (@lcd047) * Various bugs have been fixed. - Marty Grenfell
[2014-09-01]  Command-T : Fast file navigation for VIM
(1.11.2) - fix error while using Command-T outside of an SCM repo (bug present since   1.11.1) - Wincent Colaiuta
[2014-09-01]  Vim-EPUB : Plugin for EPUB ebooks' edition
(0.3) Add DiffEPUB, DiffLastEPUB, MergeFiles commands. Add two configuration variables. - Etienne Nadji
[2014-09-01]  scd.vim : smart change of directory in Vim
(1.2) * reorder files for standard plugin installation and for pathogen support. * add end-of-path matching with $. * Add option -A,--all for all matches. * Compress index duplicates to an equivalent timestamp. * Simplify directory matching. - Pavol Juhas
[2014-09-01]  tex-fold : Easy TeX folding
(1.3) * Add g:tex_fold_additional_envs. Thanks @fwang2. - Matthias Vogelgesang
[2014-09-01]  autotype.vim : Yes, Vim will work for you.
(0.10.7) 0.10.7: Add Python Code Block. 0.10.6: Add ``INCLUDE`` tag. Strip syntax. 0.10.5: Add Local Context Support. - Rykka f
[2014-08-31]  vim-bookmarks : bookmark and annotate lines of code
(1.3.0) * [feature] Store bookmarks per project #54 * [enhancement] Integration with Unite, if installed #56 - Mattes Groeger
[2014-08-31]  C64.vim : A scheme using the 16 Commodore 64 colors
(0.02) Fixed DiffAdd legibility. - Aaron Maupin
[2014-08-31]  clang_pro.vim : auto complete c/c++/java ,using gtags make a proj to find define and reference
(3.8.1) add ',e' work for java - yong xie
[2014-08-31]  vim-clang : Yet another C/C++ code completion plugin based on Clang
(0.2.5) update doc - Jianjun Mao
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