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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-05-27]  vim-gitignore : Another gitignore plugin for Vim
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Huanming Peng
[2015-05-27]  Vim REST Console (VRC) : A REST console for Vim
(1.0.0) Initial upload -
[2015-05-26]  love-launch : Run LOVE
(0.3.0) Lots of changes - Davis Claiborne
[2015-05-26]  EightHeader : Easily create custom headlines, foldtext, toc, etc.
(1.0) clarified documentation - Laszlo Bimba
[2015-05-26]  vim-javacomplete2 : Refreshed javacomplete plugin for vim.
(2.0) Initial upload - Artur Shaikhullin
[2015-05-25]  VIntSearch : Seamless integration of ctags and grep
(1.1.2) - Add local search commands (search in current file) - Escaping double quotation mark in search keyword - Handle vim pattern character (%, #) in search keyword - Change grep option a bit internally - yssl
[2015-05-25]  QFEnter : Open a Quickfix item in a window you choose
(2.2.2) - Avoid messages when mappings are executed. - E553 of cn & cp commands - Modelines, clean up vimdoc formatting and edit text - Support location list - yssl
[2015-05-25]  nerdtree-execute : Execute OS file/dir handler from NERDTree
(0.0.2) Add OS X support Fix KDE support - Ivan Tkalin
[2015-05-25]  vimpager : Use ViM as PAGER
(2.04) * fix Solaris regression - Rafael Kitover
[2015-05-23]  Hardy : Arduino IDE intregation for vim
(1.0.0) Initial upload -
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