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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2017-01-16]  vim-www : Toolbox to open & search URLs from vim
(1.0.3) - Adds cygwin support - Fixes URL escaping issues - Revisits and centralizes shell escape and dispatching for all handlers - Adds gitlab to the defaults - Marc Busqué Pérez
[2017-01-16]  vtags : verdi like, verilog code signal trace and show topo script  
(1.23) fix a bug in Code.py line 465, need 'Source' but use source, if you open Debug mode may find this error. - Jun Cao
[2017-01-16]  HyperList : Everything. Concise and precise. Outliner, organizer, brainstormer, project mgmt
(2.3.5) Added the function Complexity() to give a complexity score for a HyperList - Geir Isene
[2017-01-16]  vim-workspace : The Vim Workspace Manager.
(1.6.1) Minor updates to omni completion: - Have a better popup menu with completeopt settings (menuone,longest,preview) - Should only close preview windows on InsertLeave and not immediately after a selection is made as the documentation can be a useful reference while completing a function. - Thaer Khawaja
[2017-01-15]  better-whitespace : A better whitespace highlighter for Vim
(1.2) Features: - Support all unicode whitespace characters - Per buffer enable/disable - Verbose output option Fixes: - Do not clear all matches. Only clear this match group. - Enable/disable across all windows - Blacklist file types 'diff', 'gitcomment', 'unite', 'qf', 'help', 'markdown' by default - Reset highlight group after color scheme changes - Remove redundant autocommand events - Nate Peterson
[2017-01-14]  vim-auto-save : Automatically save changes to disk
(0.1.9) Add pre-save hook, update docs. See https://github.com/907th/vim-auto-save for more info - Alexey Chernenkov
[2017-01-13]  istanbul.vim : Code coverage visualizer for istanbul coverage.json
(1.0) Initial upload - Retorillo
[2017-01-13]  json.vim : JSON utility for the plugins
(0.9) Initial upload - Retorillo
[2017-01-11]  Grammalecte : Vim plugin for the Grammalecte French grammar checker
(0.2) - Avoid using lambda, so that plugin works on older Vim versions. - Updated documentation, to explain how to customize colors - Dominique Pellé
[2017-01-11]  betterga : Yet another :ascii command
(0.3.2) - fix not to override user-defined template variable - Ryosuke Ito
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