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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-01-28]  argwrap.vim : Wrap and unwrap function arguments, lists and dictionaries in Vim
(1.4) Adding new customization options. - Alex Yatskov
[2015-01-27]  Conque GDB : GDB command line interface and terminal emulator in (G)Vim.
(0.13) * Added command (ConqueGdbExe) to change path to GDB executable at runtime, useful for cross development. Thanks to Anatolii Sakhnik for implementing this feature. - Andreas Lynge
[2015-01-27]  cscope_dynamic : Quick dynamic cscope updates
(0.3) Initial upload - Eric Garver
[2015-01-27]  EasyClip : Simplified clipboard functionality for Vim
(2.2)     Bug fixes     Removed the 'system sync' option since using unnamed register is sufficient for this     Added support for persistent/shared yanks - Steve Vermeulen
[2015-01-27]  vim-less : LESS css syntax updated to v2.3.0 - 2015
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Luis Hdez
[2015-01-27]  Space Ident Highlighter : Plugin to mark vertically identation made by spaces
(1.0) Initial upload - Estevan Vedovelli
[2015-01-27]  vim-isort : sort python imports using the isort lib
(561c6c) Small fix to add compatibility with older versions of vim's python interpreter. - Juan Pedro Fisanotti
[2015-01-27]  writable_search.vim : Perform a grep and edit the results directly
(0.2.0) Configurable backends, like: ack, git-grep, egrep. Possible to, for example, set up "ack" as default, but use "git-grep" if we're in a git repository. - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  multichange.vim : Edit a word and have the change propagate throughout the buffer
(0.2.0) Mapping is a text object now, so it allows much easier targeting of the area of effect. - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  vim-eco : Eco support for Vim
(2bc1ee8) - Highlight missing colon after "if" - Use html.vim for matchit support - Andrew Radev
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