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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-07-26]  vim-fanfou : Fanfou client for VIM
(v0.2) * Fix HTML String convert issue * Support Favorites&Mentions timeline *  Add more Shortcut keys *  Update Syntax for Vim Fanfou buffer *  Update README & Documentation; New Project Page: http://xiongjia.github.io/vim-fanfou/ *  Add python unit tests - XiongJia Le
[2014-07-25]  vartabs.vim : Make your TAB-Key stop at arbitrary positions
(2.0) Now allows Lists as argument in VarTab_SetStops (eg.: :call VarTab_SetStops[10,16,72]) Old String-argument furthermore supported for backwards-compatibility. Internal logic completely switched to Lists. - Michael Fitz
[2014-07-25]  vim-bookmarks : bookmark and annotate lines of code
(1.2.0) * [feature] Automatically close bookmarks' quickfix split. #45 * [enhancement] Shortcut `ma` should be a toggle #51 * [enhancement] Consistently named Commands #49 * [enhancement] Silent loading and saving of bookmarks (for extensions) #46 * [enhancement] Better positioning of "show all bookmarks" window #41 * [bugfix] Single quotation mark in annotation causes loss of saved bookmarks #53 * [bugfix] Unprinted signs at file loading #40 - Mattes Groeger
[2014-07-25]  SpellLangIdentifier : Automatically identify buffer's language and set the spell lang
(0.3.0) Fine-grained on-the-fly spell language identification and bug fixes. - Douglas Augusto
[2014-07-24]  Clighter : VIM syntax highlighting plugin based on Clang
(2.00) 1. improve architecture for parsing 2. optimize code 3. better multiple buffers support - BB Chung
[2014-07-24]  SpellCheck : Work with spelling errors.
(1.30) - ENH: Show words surrounding the spell error. The number of captured occurrences is controlled by g:SpellCheck_ErrorContextNum, what gets captured by g:SpellCheck_ErrorContextPattern. Thanks to Enno Nagel for the suggestion. - ENH: Add syntax highlighting for the misspelled word, the error context text, and occurrences of the misspelled word inside the context. Enno Nagel also suggested this. - FIX: Quickfix mappings are gone when closing and reopening the quickfix window (:cclose | copen), because a new scratch buffer is used, but the autocmd BufRead quickfix has been cleared. - Ingo Karkat
[2014-07-23]  restore_view.vim : A plugin for automatically restoring file's cursor position and folding
(1.2) Modify the check function.  Silent both mkview and loadview.  Stop saving view when leaving buffer. Thanks Enno Nagel for the discussion and suggestion. - Zhou Yi Chao
[2014-07-23]  apprentice.vim : A dark low-contrast colorscheme.
(1.3) * The 8 colors part no longer defines a "Normal" background color. * See the Github page for color swatches to customize your 8 colors terminal. - Romain Lafourcade
[2014-07-23]  textobj-delimited : The textobject plugin to do well with each delimited part of a string.
(1.0.2) * Fix up a bug on selection option. * Fix up a bug on the charm to prevent multiple load. - Masaaki Nakamura
[2014-07-23]  vim-plug : Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager
(0.4.0) - Added support for locally-managed plugins     - Plug expression should start with either `/`, `~`, or `$` - Added `frozen` option for not updating/installing unless explicitly specifed - Errors during help tag generation will be ignored - Automatic retrial on timeout - Added `R` keybinding for retrying failed update/installation - Workaround for screen freeze problem on GUI MacVim - Junegunn Choi
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