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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-08-04]  quick-scope : Highlights the optimal characters to target for the "f" key and family
(1.0.1) Initial upload - Brian Le
[2015-08-02]  vim-qf : Tame the quickfix window.
(v0.0.4) Massive refactoring of the filter/restore mechanism. - Romain Lafourcade
[2015-08-02]  apprentice.vim : A dark low-contrast colorscheme.
(v1.8) * Better support for the Windows console. * Support for neovim's terminal thanks to metalelf0 (https://github.com/metalelf0). * Minor tweaks - Romain Lafourcade
[2015-08-01]  VIntSearch : "One should be able to jump between all kinds of search results".
(1.3.0) - Bug fix related to :vintsearch_search_exclude_patterns - Change names of include/exclude pattern options - Refactor all search commands to be more extensible - Rename VIntSearchBuildTag to VIntSearchBuildSymbolDB - Following deprecated commands & options will be removed in version 1.4.0     - :VIntSearchBuildTag, :VSbtag       - :VIntSearchCtags, :VSctags       - :VIntSearchGrep, :VSgrep     - :VIntSearchCFGrep, :VScfgrep     - :VIntSearchFind, :VSfind       - :VIntSearchCtagsCursor     - :VIntSearchGrepCursor     - :VIntSearchCFGrepCursor     - :VIntSearchFindCursor     - g:vintsearch_search_include_patterns     - g:vintsearch_search_exclude_patterns - yssl
[2015-07-31]  vim-sandwich : The set of operator and textobject plugins to edit sandwiched textobjects.
(1.1.1) Bug fixes. - Masaaki Nakamura
[2015-07-30]  pipe-mysql.vim : MySQL Client for Vim (easy-to-use / hassle-free configuration)
(0.1.0) Initial upload - Nguyen Nguyen
[2015-07-30]  betterga : Yet another :ascii command
(0.3.0) 0.3.0 - end support for Python2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 - less pollution on global namespace - some bugfixes - Ryosuke Ito
[2015-07-29]  vim-simple-todo : Useful mappings for manage simple TODO lists
(0.11) Insert list marker before the cursor in normal mode (https://github.com/vitalk/vim-simple-todo/releases/tag/0.11). - Vital Kudzelka
[2015-07-29]  auto tags gen : Plugin for creating tags automatically (C/C++)
(0.00.05) Support for Arduino *.ino and *.pde files included. - Pinaki Sekhar Gupta
[2015-07-29]  vim-javacomplete2 : Updated javacomplete plugin for vim.
(v2.3) Annotation completions. - Artur Shaikhullin
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