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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2014-04-20]  vim-simple-todo : Useful mappings for manage simple TODO lists
(0.7) Rewrite README. - Vital Kudzelka
[2014-04-20]  Autosave : Auto save new empty buffer to backup folder.
(1.0) Initial upload - calon xu
[2014-04-19]  apprentice.vim : A dark low-contrast colorscheme.
(1.2) * Added installation instructions to README. * Changed images in README to remove screnshot dir. * Cleaned up the cterm colors for non-256 terminals. * Changed htmlLink for more visibility. * Fixed TabLineFill. - Romain Lafourcade
[2014-04-19]  svnj.vim : vim svn plugin (subversion svn ) svn browser
(0.5) FIXED:   + statusline getting disappeared in few scenarios   ENAHANCEMENTS:   + Added BrowseWorkingCopyRec      - This command recusrively lists file, avoids a few key strokes   + BrowseWorkingCopy[Rec] command now works for local files/directories also,      The svn commands like show logs will report error if the selected entry is not      an svn entity, Other operations like open should work   + Supported Ctrl-Enter for BrowseMenu on Repo and Workingcopy , saves again few keystorkes   + OpenAll [Ctrl-o ] operation in case of Browse, Status and Commits will honor the filter,     Files shown only on the buffer will be candidates to be opened   + Added Ctrl-i for browsed and stats file, this lists the svn info of file/dir   + Enhanced file fetcher, limits the depth/number of files fetched   + status line shows number for files selected/marked   + Added more customization options      g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hl, g:svnj_custom_statusbar_ops_hide,      g:svnj_custom_statusbar_sel_hl - juneed ahamed
[2014-04-18]  STL Syntax : Improved C++11/14 STL syntax highlighting
(0.91) fixed some bugs - Tianjiao Yin
[2014-04-18]  Makeshift : Selects the right 'makeprg' for your build system
(0.11.0) https://github.com/johnsyweb/vim-makeshift/compare/0.10.0...0.11.0 - Pete Johns
[2014-04-17]  Arrow Key Repurpose : A plugin for repurposing the arrow keys mostly for shifting lines of text around
(1.0release) Fixed bugs & works properly with visual selections & folded text. Added user settings. Sorry about the version number confusion. - Tim Holt
[2014-04-17]  vim-clang : Yet another C/C++ code completion plugin based on Clang
(1.0) Initial upload - Jianjun Mao
[2014-04-17]  snare : Snippets Again, with Regular Expressions
(1.0) Initial upload - Paul Isambert
[2014-04-16]  unicode.vim : Various enhancements for using unicode and digraphs with Vim
(19) - |:UnicodeName| shows all digraphs per character - |:UnicodeName| shows decimal value for glyph - |:SearchUnicode| search unicode character by name or value - Make functions publicly available (|unicode#Digraphs()|, |unicode#Digraph()|, |unicode#FindUnicodeBy()|, |unicode#UnicodeName()|) - cache UnicodeData.txt file in VimL dictionary format (so reading will be faster) - Performance tuning, more comments, better error handling - All configuration variables have a common g:Unicode... prefix - document |<Plug>(UnicodeGA)| - Always display digraph char when completing unicode char (and a digraph is available). - Unicode completion always available using <C-X><C-Z> - Therefore removed |:EnableUnicodeCompletion| and |:DisableUnicodeCompletion| commands - too slow unicode completions will be stopped after 2 seconds - fix annoying new line bug, when using digraph generation in visual mode - new command |:UnicodeTable| - new command |:DownloadUnicode| (including syntax highlighting) (automatically uploaded) - Christian Brabandt
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