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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2016-07-25]  vim-webdevicons : adds font icons (glyphs ★☢) to vim
(v0.8.4) https://github.com/ryanoasis/vim-devicons/releases/tag/v0.8.4 - Ryan McIntyre
[2016-07-25]  RAPID-Syntax : Syntax and indent file for Abb industial robots
(1.1.1) * restructured * fixed false highlight of num * updated help - Patrick Knosowski
[2016-07-24]  KRL-Syntax : Syntax and indent file for Kuka industial robots
(1.2.3) * fixed a bug where this script caused an error message about a missing function in some installations of vim * added new highlight group Continue to be able to highlight continue instructions separately if g:krlNoHighlight is set - Patrick Knosowski
[2016-07-24]  vseq.vim : Generate sequential number vertically
(1.0.0) Initial upload -
[2016-07-24]  Cheat40 : A cheat sheet that makes sense, inside Vim!
(0.3) A few new/updated mappings. Process runtimepath in reverse order. - Lifepillar
[2016-07-24]  thesaurus_query.vim : Multi-language Thesaurus Query and Replacement plugin
(v0.5.0) dynamic backend managing; split buffer display improvement; phrase replacing algorithm improvement. - Chong HE
[2016-07-24]  gtm-plugin.vim : Simple, seamless, lightweight time tracking for all your git projects
(1.0.1) Improve error handling and informing user - Michael Schenk
[2016-07-24]  tortus.vim : Dark (grey on black) color scheme based on on torte.vim and motus.vim.
(1.0.2) I wanted a special KRL instruction and comments more in the background and made both much darker. Also operators are more dark orange now, instead of red. - Patrick Knosowski
[2016-07-23]  Git Support : Inspect the state of a repository and execute Git commands without leaving Vim.
(0.9.3) - Add: The diff buffer can be use to add/reset chunks, added new maps. - Add: Extended command-line completion to handle options for Git commands. - Add: New maps for the buffer: log - Add: Command :GitEdit to quickly jump to configuration files. - Change: The status buffer can handle renamed files. - Improve syntax highlighting. - Minor changes. - Wolfgang Mehner
[2016-07-22]  vim-swap : Reorder delimited items.
(1.0.5) Bug fixes. - Masaaki Nakamura
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