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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-01-27]  multichange.vim : Edit a word and have the change propagate throughout the buffer
(0.2.0) Mapping is a text object now, so it allows much easier targeting of the area of effect. - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  vim-eco : Eco support for Vim
(2bc1ee8) - Highlight missing colon after "if" - Use html.vim for matchit support - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  switch.vim : Switch segments of text with predefined replacements
(0.3.0) - Haml support - Coffeescript dictionary shorthand - Default mapping - Various bugfixes - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  inline_edit.vim : Edit code that's embedded within other code
(0.2.1) Minor improvements - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  linediff.vim : Perform an interactive diff on two blocks of text
(0.2.0) Various bugfixes - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  splitjoin.vim : A plugin that helps with switching between single-line and multiline code
(0.8.0) - Ruby case statements - PHP arrays - LaTeX begin-end blocks - Perl hashes - Go imports - C if-clauses, function calls - HTML attributes - Javascript function arguments - Various fixes - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  sideways.vim : Move function arguments (and other delimited-by-something items) left and right
(0.2.0) - Coffeescript methods - Ruby methods in haml - Haml classes - HTML attributes - Various bugfixes - Andrew Radev
[2015-01-27]  codekit.vim : CodeKit 2 support for Vim
(1.0.0) Initial upload - Noah Frederick
[2015-01-27]  Vebugger : frontend for interactive shell debuggers
(1.2.2) Fix Vim7.3 compatibility - Idan Arye
[2015-01-26]  vim-lastplace : Intelligently reopen files where you left off. But not for commit messages.
(2.0.1) Add gitrebase filetype to the ignore list. - Greg Dietsche
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