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script: Middle English, from Latin scriptum, things written, a plan of action

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[2015-12-01]  vimagit : A new way to use git with vim.
(1.5.1) Fixes * fix next/prev jump folding * fix modified/untracked content in submodule (fix #49) - Jerome Reybert
[2015-11-30]  vim-cloud-buffer : Save your buffers remotely
(1.0) Initial upload - Javier Blanco
[2015-11-29]  optcmd : plugin provides dialog for choicing command and process it by prefix option
(1.0.2) optimized prefixes - Sergio Ivanuzzo
[2015-11-28]  Vizardry : A vim plugin manager for lazy people
(1.4) + ADD: Display Help file on Invoke and Evolve + CHG: Show Help (resp Readme) if Readme (resp Help) not available + ADD: Vizardry command for basic help and version + ADD: Debug mode + CHG: Look for keyword 'vim' instead of language 'vimL' to find other language plugins + FIX: put url between quotes for zsh see https://github.com/dbeniamine/vizardry/issues/2 + FIX: Incoherent numbers between Invoke and Scry - David Beniamine
[2015-11-27]  Delphi : Executes your python code as you write it
(1) Initial upload - Guanqing Yan
[2015-11-27]  vim-decfile : A plugin for EvtGen decay files
(1.7) Check value of `g:decfile_disable_folding`. Previously, folding was disabled whenever `g:decfile_disable_folding` was set, irrespective of its value. Now folding is only disabled when the variable evaluates to non-zero. Folding can be re-enabled with `let g:decfile_disable_folding = 0`, without needing to unset the variable. - Scott Stevenson
[2015-11-27]  Vim-R-plugin : Plugin to work with R
(1.2.7) * Fix incompatibility with Tmux 2.1. - Jakson Aquino
[2015-11-26]  Buffer Hint : A handy buffer switcher
(1.0) Initial upload - Yanhui Shen
[2015-11-24]  Vim REST Console (VRC) : A REST console for Vim
(2.0.0) * Support POST data from external files. * Proper use of cURL commands for HTTP verbs. * Request body is sent based on HTTP verbs.   - GET, HEAD, DELETE: as GET params.   - POST, PUT: as POST params. * Remove awkward syntaxes.   - Option `vrc_nl_sep_post_data_patterns` removed.   - GET params can be specified in request body. -
[2015-11-24]  ttodo : Edit, view, sort, and filter todo.txt files
(0.03) - ttodo#Show: copy(s:list_env) - NEW :Ttodosort command - Support for indented subtasks similar to the outline add-on; misc enhancements - Support for tcomment - Fix handling of subtasks; <s-cr> map for inserting subtasks; g:ttodo#viewer is a list - NEW --encoding command-line option - NEW --bufnr, --bufname command-line options - Remove dependency on vikitasks plugin - Use autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead done.txt - Use <c-1>, <ll>t1 for setting the priority - ttodo#GetFileTasks: Use tlib#eval#Extend(copy(parent.task), task) - g:ttodo#viewer is a string; removed last traces of vikitasks - Configure "hidden" tasks via g:ttodo#task_hide_rx - NEW :Ttodotask; use y for SetPriority; misc enhancements - Properly support file-specific args; improved support for subtasks; misc enh.s - NEW g:ttodo#filesargs: A dictionary of {filename regexp: {additional args}} - NEW --has_lists=, --has_tags= command-line options - g:ttodo#sort: s/idx/lnum/ - s/Ttodotask/Ttodonew/ - Misc improvements to ftplugin - s:GetFiles(): FIX type error - s:FilterTasks(): Don't use g:ttodo#default_pri - FIX Ttodosort - Stop when sorting task outlines - Warn if subtask has a due date after the parent's task due date - ttodo#ftplugin#New(): FIX indentation MD5 checksum: f3cbe1572df17ba026f84166d3857a4b - Tom Link
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