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  News  Vim 7.4.854 is the current version 

Vim is now on GitHub

[2015-08-21] The move from Google Code to GitHub is done! You can now clone the GitHub repository, see this page. If you prefer to keep using Mercurial, or want to know how to move over, see this page. (Bram Moolenaar)

Vim is moving to GitHub

[2015-08-18] Google Code is shutting down, therefore the repository has to move somewhere else. Moving to GitHub turned out to be the most popular, so that is what we are doing now. While the move is in progress no changes are to be made, not to the old location and not to the new location (yet). Specifically, please don't create new issues or change existing issues. Unfortunately it's not possible to disable this without shutting down everything. (Bram Moolenaar)

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Bram has visited the Vim charity project, read about it in his Uganda visit report.

  Recent Script Updates  5,134 scripts, 10,561,926 downloads 
[2015-09-01]  primary.vim : Inspired by Google's official colors
(1.2) Updated colors to match Google's new logo. - Lisie Michel
[2015-09-01]  vim-webdevicons : adds font icons (glyphs ★♨☢) to vim
(v0.5.4) https://github.com/ryanoasis/vim-devicons/releases/tag/v0.5.4 - Ryan McIntyre
[2015-09-01]  mirror.vim : Efficient way to edit remote files on multiple environments
(1.1.1) * Add support for nvim-terminal for MirrorSSH * Improve regexp for remote path parsing * Fix diff behavior for multiple splits - Alexander Tsygankov
[2015-09-01]  true-monochrome : This is a true black/grey/white theme for vim.
(0.1.5) GUI and CLI colors are now the same. - Ryan P.C. McQuen
[2015-08-29]  inccomplete : Plugin for C/C++/ObjC/ObjC++ include directive completion.
(1.7.40) When defined, use b:inccomplete_root to complete local includes relative to project root. Fix completion, which had some issues. Enable plugin for filetypes like cpp.doxygen. Parse g:clang_... even when clang_complete isn't installed. Be more YCM-friendly. Fix work in unnamed buffers. - x aizek
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