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  News  Vim 7.4.946 is the current version 

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[2015-10-07] Vimfest 10 - 11 October 2015 Read about it in this post. (Bram Moolenaar)

Vim Creep

[2015-09-25] No actual news, but you might find this story interesting and/or entertaining: Vim Creep, written by Rudis Muiznieks. (Bram Moolenaar)

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Bram has visited the Vim charity project, read about it in his Uganda visit report.

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[2015-12-01]  vimagit : A new way to use git with vim.
(1.5.1) Fixes * fix next/prev jump folding * fix modified/untracked content in submodule (fix #49) - Jerome Reybert
[2015-11-30]  vim-cloud-buffer : Save your buffers remotely
(1.0) Initial upload - Javier Blanco
[2015-11-29]  optcmd : plugin provides dialog for choicing command and process it by prefix option
(1.0.2) optimized prefixes - Sergio Ivanuzzo
[2015-11-28]  Vizardry : A vim plugin manager for lazy people
(1.4) + ADD: Display Help file on Invoke and Evolve + CHG: Show Help (resp Readme) if Readme (resp Help) not available + ADD: Vizardry command for basic help and version + ADD: Debug mode + CHG: Look for keyword 'vim' instead of language 'vimL' to find other language plugins + FIX: put url between quotes for zsh see https://github.com/dbeniamine/vizardry/issues/2 + FIX: Incoherent numbers between ... - David Beniamine
[2015-11-27]  Delphi : Executes your python code as you write it
(1) Initial upload - Guanqing Yan
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